Asian Studies
This book, full of quantitative evidence and limited-circulation archives, details manufacturing and the beginnings of industrialisation in China from 1644 to 1911.
€ 129,00
Before the Pivot
This book looks at the writings of American diplomats, adventurers, and scientists and chronicles how nineteenth-century Americans viewed and imagined Southeast Asia through their own...
€ 105,00
Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations
This book focuses on the contested nature of heritage through the lens of individuals, local communities, religious groups, and heritage experts.
€ 95,00
This book focuses on northeast Sino-Russian border economies and how trans-border economies function in practice, often across great distances, despite widespread mistrust.
€ 95,00
Irregular Migrants' Access to Right to Stay in Turkey and Morocco
The book analyses migrant experiences of illegality in Turkey and Morocco by taking into account how both countries responded to increasing pressure by the European Union to govern irregular migration...
€ 95,00
A Transdisciplinary Perspective
This multidisciplinary book analyses the contradictory coexistence of consumerism and environmentalism in contemporary Japan.
€ 105,00
Hyun Gwi Park reveals timely new insights into the historical and current experiences of Koreans living along the Eurasian frontier.
€ 95,00
Bijdragen over geschiedenis en actualiteit van Nederlandse politieke partijen
€ 29,99
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